The Aktiv Series range of manual wheelchairs are designed to provide

comfort, safety and a stylish and contemporary look with a practical balance of durability and functionality in mind.

Our design team are experts in their field.

We’ve endeavoured to create a range that gives a choice of quality wheelchairs to suit a wide variety of needs from basic occasional use to the more specific requirements of a long term user or person with more demanding physical needs. We have listened intently to the feedback of users, carers and professionals to help us to produce a range which is reliable, high quality, multifunctional and economical.

We have done our research!

We have considered the needs of the health services who may provide and reuse these wheelchairs. Therefore we have designed our chairs so that most parts are interchangeable between models e.g. a leg rest or armrest assembly for an X3 with also fit an X4, X5, X6 and our accessories include trays, oxygen carriers, drip stands and amputee supports also fit easily.

You can be assured of our quality

We have used quality fittings for moving parts which are subject to high wear e.g. the clamps we use on our armrest fittings are chrome rather than plastic and where we do use plastic it is in low stress areas and we use only high quality, extremely strong virgin plastic. We fit all our chairs with PU tyres which are puncture proof as standard to avoid costly and inconvenient punctures however pneumatic tyres are available on request.

The Highest Standards

Our wheelchairs are tested to the highest safety standards and complies with EN12183 and Crash Test ISO7176-19:2001. Our chairs can safely be used for occupied transportation using the appropriate tie downs and procedures.

our working processin 3 steps

we have 3 simple steps in which we work to at all times.

These never change no matter what size of spec or order we receive.
1 - Listen to customer
2 - Design & develop
3 - Deliver

listen to customer

We sit down and listen to the needs of wheelchair users, their carers and work closely with healthcare professionals to get a clear understanding of what is needed and desired.

design & develop

Our expert team have decades of experience working with wheelchair users and the wide range of wheelchairs in the market, we take your requirments and design equipment to fit your needs.


Now that we have the product that fits your needs we make sure we deliver .

Our team puts aftercare and support as their very highest priority.